2016-2017 Details, Seasons (LaSalle Minor Hockey Association)

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  • 32 - 16 - 5
    2016-2017 Novice AE Blue
    Coached by Ryan Fazekas, David Edgar, Jamie Hickson. Team staff include Rob Otterman, Ron Hayes. Sponsored by Ferrera Income Tax and Bookkeeping Services Ltd, Platinum Tool Technologies, Unifor Local 444, Malden Road Veterinary Hospital, Vesta Pizza. Latest news: "Novice AE Bluewater Champs!!!!" (Apr 03).
  • 34 - 26 - 6
    2016-2017 Novice Major AA
    Coached by Kerry Best, Wes Balazs, Brad Spencer. Team staff include Darcy Robinet, Chris Desimone. Sponsored by SES, RBC, Recycling Makes Cents, Joe Schmoes, DeAngelis Construction, Gaudet Demolition, Pannunzio Drainage, R.C. White Ltd, EWIE, Rauti Custom Homes, Carpenters Union. Latest news: "Bluewater playoff Novice Major AA Champions!!!! " (Apr 02).
  • 3 - 30 - 2
    2016-2017 Novice AE Gold
    Coached by Chris Stowe, Bill Baranosky, Scott Gabrieau. Team staff include Darko Veselinovic, Rich Tann. Sponsored by Baymar Supply ltd., Rosati, Radovich Chiropractic, Total Heating & Cooling, Salon Talu. Latest news: "Congratulations Noah!" (Jan 20).
  • 42 - 20 - 5
    2016-2017 Atom Minor AA
    Coached by Jay Wharram , Steve Leblanc, Dave Renaud. Team staff include Tom Touralias, Les Morvay. Sponsored by Amico , Adesco of North America, Running Factory, Brave Control Solutions, National Bank Investments, National Bank Financial, Xpress Group, Cabana Court Chiropractic, Vesta Pizzeria. Latest news: "FINAL ROSTER" (May 09).
  • 30 - 30 - 10
    2016-2017 Atom Major AA
    Coached by Todd Brancaccio, Peter Corio, Harry Crowder, Adam McIndoo. Team staff include Mike Modestino. Latest news: "A Perfect Ending To Our Season." (Apr 03).
  • 7 - 28 - 6
    2016-2017 Atom AE
    Coached by Chris Northcott, Scott Fazekas, Chris Stramacchia. Team staff include Charlene Lawson, Shawn Hann. Sponsored by ISEE, REF CAM, HOME HARDWARE, ACTIVE BODY PHYSICAL THERAPY, RUNNING COUNT. Latest news: "ATOM AE RAFFLE" (Nov 30).
  • 14 - 21 - 2
    2016-2017 PeeWee Minor AA
    Coached by Darren Gifford, Greg Mayne, Kris Racine. Team staff include Joe Donato, Randy Levac, Louisa Mattina-McLeod. Sponsored by Promoshop, Accu-Air, Corporate Sign Source, Tango. Latest news: "PeeWee Minor AA Visit with the Memorial Cup" (Nov 21).
  • 35 - 14 - 10
    2016-2017 PeeWee Major AA
    Coached by Zack Percy, Aaron Galvin. Team staff include Hank Valentini, Sherri Chartrand , Paul Sandy. Latest news: "LMHA COACH EVALUATIONS" (Feb 02).
  • 30 - 19 - 5
    2016-2017 Pee Wee AE
    Coached by Steve Symons, Troy Meloche, Scott Nicol. Team staff include Nikki Meloche, Lisa Best, Jesse Laurendeau. Sponsored by Salon Talu, Lally Ford Sales, Away Care Travelers Emergecy Medical, Valente, Courtesy Bicycles, Mold Cam, Provincial Chrysler, SYMONS RENOVATIONS, Radovich Chiropractic, Hurricanes Pub and Grill, Ruff neck Buckels, Diamond Homes, PERNOD ENTERPRISES LTD.. Latest news: "Supporting Nick Dyer" (Mar 05).
  • 21 - 24 - 8
    2016-2017 Bantam Minor AA
    Coached by Mike Agostinis, Matt Hutter Jr, Matt Hutter Sr. Team staff include Erika Demars. Latest news: "Nation's Cup Detroit" (Nov 28).
  • 37 - 14 - 5
    2016-2017 Bantam Major AA
    Coached by Mike Allen, Bob Allen, Nick Swiatoschik. Team staff include Dan Dinunzio, Kyle Bezaire. Sponsored by Jeanne Eid Wedding & Event Planner, Johnny's Gas Bar, RE/MAX Brad Bondy, Electrozad Supply, Plumbing Now, Greg Monforton and Partners Injury Lawyers, Ryan Roofing, Maximum Edge. Latest news: "FINAL ROSTER" (May 09).
  • 23 - 9 - 9
    2016-2017 Bantam AE
    Coached by Rod Gillen, John Rosa, David Thibert. Team staff include Kerry Parker, Chris Parent. Sponsored by Colbro, Mega Mold, Diamond Home Improvement Co., Optimal Chiropractic & Wellness Centre. Latest news: "FINAL ROSTER " (Jun 05).
  • 24 - 23 - 6
    2016-2017 Midget Minor AA
    Coached by Scott Allen, Moe Atherly, Marty Haidy. Team staff include Dario Pavia. Sponsored by Silverstein's Produce. Latest news: "FINAL ROSTER" (May 09).
  • 19 - 22 - 10
    2016-2017 Midget Major AA
    Coached by Tom Firman. Latest news: "PARENT & PLAYER MEETING " (Sep 20).
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