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LMHA 2019-2020 Tryout Information

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**Check the schedule often as there may be changes**


Cost$65 per player.



Please purchase a “Travel Tryout Pass” when registering.  Players will not be allowed on the ice without paying this fee. NRP players can pay in cash on the day of the first try-out.  Fee includes AA tryouts (and checking clinic) as well as AE tryouts for those players released from the AA level; goalie evaluations.Any player wishing to tryout for AE must first tryout for our AA teams.

Registration Fees: Registration Fees must also be paid in full or in part prior to attending tryouts. If a payment is not received as listed on the registration page, your player will not be permitted on the ice.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.

Tryout Attendance: Players are required to attend as many tryout sessions as possible.  Should a player need to miss a tryout session due another commitment (i.e., school trip), please ensure that you send an email to the head coach so they are aware that the player will not be in attendance.  The email contacts of the coaches will be provided on the website at the start of tryouts.

Player Selection/Release: Player selections and the return player list will be posted on the LMHA website the following day. Players whose name appears on the list are to return to the next tryout.  Those players not on the list have been released from the team. LMHA will be accepting NRP players from eligible surrounding centers.

Player Release and NRP (Non-Residential Player) Cards: Players released from their AA teams are eligible for one NRP Card in order to try out for any A center. This card can only be used to tryout for one A center of their choice. (Applies to Peewee Minor and above only).  If the player is not successful in that tryout, the player must return to his/her home center for the upcoming season. Directions on how to obtain these cards will be provided upon the completion of the LMHA AA tryouts. Cards will only be available to players who have been released by the Head Coach from the team they were trying out for.

***NEW*** (AAA/JUNIOR please note)

Please register through our website and pick the AAA/Junior option. This year you will not be required to pay registration before the AAA or Junior tryout. If your player is released from the tryout, you will be required to re-enter the LMHA registration webpage, select your player again and register for LMHA in full or use the multi-payment option. Purchase of a AA travel pass will also need to be selected if your player intends on trying out for a Lasalle Sabres travel team. 
After selecting the AAA/Junior tryout option you will be able to pick up your Permission to Skate Form on Saturday April 6th from 2:30 to 3:30pm in the lobby between the two rinks of the Vollmer.

Click here to go to the Registration Page.

Exceptional Player Status: The LMHA has an exceptional player policy for any player who wishes to play in an age category above their own. This policy will be enforced at all age levels with the exception of Peewee Major due to checking. A request from a family to move from Peewee Major to Bantam Minor will not be accepted. 

Item 6.4.7 

A) Exceptional player status may be requested by a player or family to play up a division or requested to a player by the Travel Division Directors. A family request to play up must be made in writing to the Travel Directors at least 7 days before the tryout.

B) A request of a player to be assessed for exceptional status, (not initiated by the Travel Directors), will be accompanied with a non refundable fee of $250, unless the Travel Division Directors requested the player to play up.

C) An assessment will be provided where the player must be (unless the higher division team is short players):

1) one of the top two forwards to be selected from tryouts of the higher divisioned team **

2) one of the top two defenseman to be selected from tryouts of the higher divisioned team **

3) the top goalie to be selected from tryouts of the higher divisioned team

** Novice need to be one of the top two players on the ice since positions haven't been established at this beginning year

D) Coaches must provide their top players during tryouts to be compared to the requesting player.

E) Players must attend 3 of the 4 tryouts held by the higher divisioned team.

F) The evaluation will be completed by an independent party in consultation with the Travel Directors .

To see schedule, click here.

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