2024/2025 AA Travel Coach Application (LaSalle Minor Hockey Association)

2024/2025 AA Travel Coach Application
NOTE: Classification of these teams are currently AA but are subject to change based on the results of the upcoming membership vote.

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A Police Record Check is required before an interview may be granted.  If a PRC is on file and it is less than 3 years old, a Criminal Offense Declaration form is required as part of this su​bmission before an interview may be granted. A Police Record Check can be obtained through your local police department.  The Criminal Offense Declaration form is available on the LMHA website at www.lasallesabres.com.

I authorize the LaSalle Minor Hockey Association to collect personal information appropriate to the position applied for and to verify the character references I have suppied and to check the given information.  I understand that the information obtained is confidential but may be shared with relevant organizations in order to obtain an apporpriate volunteer position.  All information entered to be accurate and correct. 

I also understand that should I be accepted as a coach with the LMHA, I am hereby obliged to inform the LMHA Executive Committee Members immediately, should I be charged, tried or convicted of any offense under the criminal code or other provincial or federal statute, while I hold this position of trust with the LMHA.