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Sep 18, 2021 | Webmaster | 840 views
The Town of LaSalle released their updated COVID-19 vaccination policy this morning. The LMHA has been actively engaged in the discussions and bringing forward the concerns and questions of our members. It is important that every participant, parents and players alike, make themselves aware of the updated requirements for participation and entrance to the Vollmer Recreational Complex. Note that these policies are a function of provincial requirements in order that we all provide the safest possible environment for all involved.

See: Proof of Vaccine Required at Vollmer Complex and LaSalle Civic Centre - Town of LaSalle

Some key points are:

Exemption for participants in youth recreational sport:

This exemption* from the requirement to provide the LMHA proof of being fully vaccinated includes players, coaches, trainers, volunteers and officials. The LMHA will be providing the Vollmer staff with the team rosters and other verified volunteers for September 22 in order to process entry in to the Vollmer. Our understanding at this time is that players 18 years of age and older will need to submit proof of full vaccination beginning Sept. 22. Spectators will still need to be fully vaccinated and provide proof thereof to enter the facility. 2 spectators maximum per participant. LMHA players and volunteers should continue to submit proof of vaccination in the event that the OMHA policy continues to require it.

IMPORTANT: Each municipality has the right to implement more stringent policies and guidelines and can require proof of vaccination for all individuals over the age of 12 years entering their facility. You will have to educate yourself on the requirements for each arena for which an LMHA team plays.

*OMHA Policy Requirement:

Note the distinction here: The OMHA policy still states that persons 12 years of age and older must submit proof of full vaccination by Oct. 31, 2021. If a team is entering a tournament, this is vital. We have been in regular contact with the OMHA and are waiting for clarification on this to see if the policy will be revised to align with the recent government regulation.

Health Screening Tool on LMHA Website:

All participants MUST do the LMHA Check -In on the LMHA website (Health Screening Tool) or the QR Code at the Vollmer prior to entering the facility. This is YOUR responsibility. The LMHA must provide information if requested by the local health unit for contact tracing and tracking should it be required. Plan to arrive with time to spare in the case of a long lines to enter the Vollmer. No earlier than 30 minutes before ice time.

Mask Wearing:

Is mandatory. See Town of LaSalle updated policy link above. Participants/Spectators must also social distance.

Health Unit Enforcement Officers:

Enforcement Officers from the Health Unit have already been at the Vollmer Recreational Complex. Consequences for not adhering to the Windsor-Essex County Health unit and/or Town of LaSalle and Provincial Regulations could result in fines and ultimately a complete shutdown.